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E. Chaya Weinstein, Ph.D., OTR/L holds a doctorate in occupational therapy from New York University. She trained as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West. She has over 30 years experience providing occupational therapy and wellness education in mental health settings, holistic health centers, and senior centers. She currently works at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she leads treatment groups in Wellness, Mental Health Recovery, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Creativity Development. She also directs a Falls Prevention Program and conducts functional assessments for the elderly and people with disabilities. She has extensive experience in teaching and supervising Masters-level students from Touro College, Long Island University, Columbia University and New York University.  She specializes in innovative methods that promote personal growth and skill development in a creative, supportive and friendly atmosphere.



“Dr. Weinstein’s insight, creativity and compassion provide the backbone of her practice.”— C.M.


“Dr. Weinstein is an extremely perceptive listener who is able to identify the crux of a problem and suggest appropriate solutions. ”—S.W.


“Because she works so creatively, I have been able to be much more creative with my own thoughts and have found new ways to go about working as an artist.”—W.M.


“Dr. Weinstein transformed my idea of a career change from something insurmountable to something accessible, and I made my first tangible steps toward a new career in many years.”—J.L.


“Dr. Weinstein suggested a realistic and achievable form of exercise that, surprisingly, found space in my hectic life.”—R.C.


“Reviewing a written TO DO List and revising it weekly helped me to recognize the completed tasks which I tend to minimize. It was encouraging to watch the tasks go from Priority Level C to B to A and disappear. My list of ongoing activities helped me to feel a sense of accomplishment.” – B.P.


“I was always amazed by how resourceful Dr. Weinstein was, presenting new methods, books, and activities with tremendous ease, as if she had a whole library at her fingertips.”—R.T.


“Dr. Weinstein’s therapy incorporates a global and holistic approach. She understands the Gestalt of the patient and tailors her therapy according to one’s unique circumstances.” – E.G.